How to get your girl addicted to your cum?

make cum taste betterDo you know how to get your girl addicted to your cum? If you don’t, just keep reading.
Befere you get the answer of that question, lets talk about why you should want your girl to be addicted to your sperm.

There are some very good reasons.
1. You will have more sex with her. You want sex, right? It’s natural and it’s great. If she is addicted to your semen, she will want to have more sex too. She will never be tired for that again.
2. You will get more bowjobs. Men love blowjobs. If she is addicted, she will never say no.
3. She will let you ejaculate on her face. There are women who don’t like this for several reasons. Men fro other reasons like it. If she like your cum, she will like it too.
4. She will swallow your sperm. We love to see women swallowing our semen. It’s great. They usually don’t do it. But if she becomes addicted to your sperm, she will do it.

Why a woman can not like sperm? It’s because of it’s taste. Usually it’s not good. But if you can make your cum taste better and really delicious, she will like it. And after several tastes she will become addicted to it.

So the answer to the big question “How to get your girl addicted to your cum?” is really simple.
Make it taste better.

OK, you agree, but now you probably ask HOW?

Again it’s not difficult at all. You just need some external help.
We offer natural pills for better sperm taste.
Don’t be scared of the word “pills”, we do not sell medicines. We sell natural supplements which concentrate the power of some foods and herbs, and we guarantee these pills work without any risk for your health.
This is actually the only way you can improve the taste of your semen naturally and for sure.
If you browse this blog, you will find more information about that.

So, you want you girl addicted to your sperm, improve it’s taste!
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  1. pam

    I’m 20 years old, and I started to suck vary young the first time i got cum in my mouth i like it a lot. i ask the guy if i can come back the next day. i came back for more. then one day he ask me if he get more guys for me to suck i said yes. the more cum i swallow i like it. it got so bad somethines the guys told me no so i ask the guys i pay you if i can suck and swallow there cum. i’m still the same i like suck and swallow cum. now i go to groly holes and suck

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